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Skin care 101: the basics

by Henewaa Beauty

Skin care 101: the basics

Love your skin! Nourish your skin! Protect our skin. Be gentle to your skin. The skin is the largest organ and works hard, similar to the heart, lungs and liver. So, it is important that you understand the basics aspects that make up your skin. The skin is composed of 3 layers:

The epidermis - this is the outermost layer of the skin. The part of the skin that we are most concerned about, what we spend hours looking at in the mirror. This is the outer layer that the world sees.

Did you know that we lose 30,000-40,000 dead cells from the surface of our skin each minute due to cell regeneration!

The dermis - this is the middle layer of the skin. This contains a whole lot of goodness. Collagen and protein which ensures our skin is strong and makes up our elastin. This is the layer of our skin that keeps it looking plump and supple. Oil, sweat glands, nerve endings and blood vessels can also be found in this layer of the skin.

The subcutaneous layer - this is the deepest layer of our skin. This part of the skin contains all of the fat that keeps us nice and warm. This layer also absorbs shock. The subcutaneous layer is our true protector.

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