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The Curl Smiler Growth & Repair Curl Butter (Scented) & Growth Oil (Set)

Brand: The Curl Smiler


  • Hair heaven in two bottles! Both help with hair and edges growth and both provide lasting moisture, conditions, strengthens hair, & defines curls.

Details: The Curl Smiler Growth & Repair Hair Butter is a leave-In, specially formulated just for you! An All-In-One! Anti-frizz, provides lasting moisture, conditions & strengthens hair, & defines curls. A powerful all natural aid to hair growth! Helps ease those DREADED detangling days! Minimizes hair breakage, & gives BEAUTIFUL shine! A little REALLY does go a LOOOONG way. The Curl Smiler Growth Oil is a PERFECT Formula for Growth, Thickness & Edges! Moisturizes and Adds Shine! What makes my The Curl Smiler Growth Oil so different? I've combined ingredients that have never been combined before. Most companies who create growth oils THINK they know what works because they read about benefits of oils but what many don't know is that when certain oils are combined in perfected, measured amounts they create a certain chemical reaction that then wakes up the true working properties of each oil combined. Remember the verse, "When two or more come together..". I know the struggle when it comes to hair that hardly grows and is always dry. I know what you're going through and I'm only creating products with God's direction and the gifts that he put in me. I create products that work directly on the issues we face with our hair. The Curl Smiler Growth Oil is filled with the highest quality oils and botanical extracts formulated to help grow your hair and edges naturally. When combined these oils and extracts work together to not only grow your hair but give your hair a healthy look and shine. If you use this oil religiously, you'll notice that the scalp is much healthier and the hair is significantly stronger, resulting in less hair fall. Orders are Hand-Made, not produced by machine so this insures an amazing all-natural product that will work so amazing! Once your order ships you will receive an email with tracking confirmation and also information on the best way to use product. ❤️☺️ @TheCurlSmiler on Instagram



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