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Solo Noir, Sleek Preshave Shave Cream, 4 Ounce

Brand: Solo Noir


  • shaving cream for sensitive skin
  • moisturizing
  • softens facial hair
  • rebuilds skin elasticity
  • eliminates ingrown hairs
  • Pre shave cream
  • 2-in-1 shaving cream
  • All Natural shaving cream

Details: {Intentionally Charming}

The Solo Noir® Man always believes that anything worth having is worth working hard for, and always adopts a smart approach which sees him radiate an intentionally charming character that draws people closer to him.

SLEEK™ All Natural Pre-Shave + Shave Cream refines your confidence and places you on a pedestal of mesmerizing skin harmony with a special 2-In-1 formulation creatively connected to give you incredible shaving precision with a touch of impeccable skin moisturizing and conditioning. The superior non-foaming formula of this cream softens even the toughest hair shafts and allows for a closer shave, while eliminating ingrown hairs and sensationally moisturizing the skin. The Marigold extract contains healing properties which makes it perfect for oily and sensitive skin, while the Blueberry extracts contain anti-oxidants which boost collagen thus mitigating wrinkles by enhancing skin strength and elasticity. With our SLEEK™ All Natural Pre Shave + Shave Cream; you don’t necessarily require a post shave lotion, and you can use it with a clipper or razor to moisturize the shaving area for a smoother shave.

We remain confident that natural essence remains the only trusted way to provide optimal skin care and SLEEK™ All Natural Pre Shave + Shave Cream is a product of twenty two (22) natural extracts from:
Aloe Vera - Apricot Kernel Oil - Castor Oil - Cocoa Butter - Coconut Oil - Jojoba Oil - Olive Oil - Organic Bilberry Extract - Organic Calendula Extract - Organic Cranberry Extract - Organic Lavender
- Organic Lemon Extract - Organic Orange Extract - Organic Papaya Extract - Organic Pineapple Extract - Organic Sugar Cane
- Shea Butter - Vitamin E Oil - Wheat Germ Oil - Marigold Extract - Blueberry Extract - Cupuassa Butter
SLEEK™ All Natural Pre Shave + Shave Cream is 100% organic and is free of chemicals and harsh preservatives.

Directions: Apply shaving cream using lukewarm water and shave in the direction of your natural hair growth. It can also be used as a pre-shave skin conditioner to help soften the skin and hair shaft. To use as a pre-shave apply cream with warm water, by using your fingers to lift the hair shaft, rinse, then dry your facial hair. Follow this step by shaving as usual.

Size: 4oz – 120ml

Product Care: As expected with organic products extreme heat can cause formula to separate.  Please store at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.  If separation occur it will affect the thickness but not compromise the effectiveness of the blend. If separation occur please refrigerate to restore thickness

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